December 5, 2019 

Subject: Guidelines for Individual Members 

1. Coverage 

In compliance with Section 3b., Article V of the Amended By-Laws of the Philippine Green Building Initiative, Inc. the following individuals may be accepted as members: 

a) Attended the 5-day GREEEN Accreditation seminar and passed the evaluation/examination thus he becomes Accredited GREEN Assessors and Accredited Design Professionals and /or Design Associates; 

b) Attended the EDGE Specialization course and passed the EDGE Experts’ Examination and EDGE Auditor Accreditation; 

c) Any member of the different member-organizations duly endorsed by their respective professional organization or by the PGBI Committee on Membership. 

d) Any individual interested to join PGBI will be subject to approval of the Committee on Membership. 

2. Membership Dues 

a) An ANNUAL Membership fee of P1,500.00 shall be collected from each individual member of PGBI and shall be VALID for ONE year reckoned from date indicated in the Identification card. 

Note: An individual member may opt to pay membership dues for 3 years in the amount of P4,000.00. 

3. Accreditation Fees 

Aside from the membership fee, GREEEN Assessors and EDGE Auditors members may be accredited after payment of annual accreditation fee of P1,500.00. 

4. Privileges/Benefits: 

An individual member in good standing (validity of ID is not expired) shall be entitled to the following privileges: 

a) A 10% discount on registration fees for all activities attended and books published by PGBI; 

b) Included in the list of Accredited Assessors and Auditors qualified to undertake GREEEN, EDGE and Building Energy Quotient (BEQ) projects, respectively, to be posted in the PGBI website 

c) Deputized Marketing Assistant for GREEEN/EDGE projects. As Deputized Marketing Assistant, he shall NOT be entitled to any regular remuneration from PGBI. However, for projects “marketed” by the member, he shall be ENTITLED to receive the incentive given as “finder’s fee” after the project is completed and fully paid by the client. 

d) May be considered as member to any PGBI working committee. 

e) Access to PGBI library. 

f) Privilege to use PGBI title (example: Ar. Jose Manuel, PGBI , EDGE, AA, GREEEN ADP) 

5. Responsibilities of Individual Members 

Section 4 of the Amended By-Laws of PGBI provide the duties and responsibilities of the members as follows: 

a) To obey and comply with the by-laws, rules and regulations that may be promulgated by the Organization from time to time; 

b) To attend all meetings/ activities of the Organization; 

c) To pay membership dues and other assessments of the Organization. 

d) Must not act in any manner that is in conflict with PGBI interests. 

e) Must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with PGBI. 

6. Effectivity 

This Circular shall take effect January 2020. 

Very truly yours,